Post-Covid Trends in Restoration

Sometimes you don't realize your privileges until you lose them, and that's exactly what happened due to the Covid-19 pandemic. All of us were used to drinking our beer in the sun, eating out every weekend, getting together with friends and family ... And suddenly one day the covid-19 arrived and everything changed. Everyone has suffered a shock ... However, the restoration is the protagonist of all television programs for being the most affected. This sector has been closed for months, and now that it seemed that the situation was a little better we have returned to specific confinements, capacity restrictions and time limits

We do not believe that everything will change completely, nor that the strategies that have worked so far will no longer work. But after these months it is clear that some of the things are going to undergo modifications and we must adapt to them so that everything goes well.

What things do we think are going to change?

According to our research, we have decided to group the changes into 10 groups: offers and menus, customer behavior, prices, schedules, table elements, type of spaces and ways of displaying the menu.


There is a trend towards shorter menus, easy to manage and flexible. Table times will be reduced and tables can even be reserved by range of hours. In some buffets they are already using it so that there can be several shifts per table, thus increasing the rotation and therefore increasing income and dividing costs. In addition, an increase in demand for low-cost menus and tapas is expected as people need to disconnect from the routine but their purchasing power will decrease.


During this period, many people who used to go out for lunch or dinner have become accustomed to doing so, so takeaway or delivery has become a must.

On the other hand, business lunches and menus for employees have disappeared for those companies that have applied teleworking. But… What if we look for an alternative? It may be that with telecommuting there are no longer as many employees who eat out, however, being at home all day they are more likely to need to have a snack in the afternoon or go out to dinner at a more “English” schedule.

Finally, as we have been seeing, there is a group of clients who, due to prevention and fear of the situation, will avoid socializing and going to these establishments for a while. For this group the best solution is to apply strict security measures and that little by little they feel that they will be safe in our restaurant.


We can think that prices will fall almost unanimously, however, the increase in expenses derived from adding protection measures against Covid-19 will make this an unsustainable situation in the long term. Prices should be maintained to face a cut in capacity, new consumables such as hydroalcoholic gel or HEPA filters. On the other hand, some abusive rents paid by some restaurants will have to be negotiated and adjusted to the new situation.


Some restaurants will even open those days in which they previously closed due to staff breaks, in this way they will try to combat the decrease in capacity and try to maximize income. In addition, they should promote that people go to dinner earlier, favoring a staggered service and avoiding crowds and queues.


Items such as napkin rings, toothpick holders, cruet and oil cans will be eliminated ... using disposable single-dose packages for each guest. In this way, possible contagions are avoided both between shifts and between diners at the same table.


With spring and summer the terraces have been the best option, however, now with the cold it will be a trend to use outdoor heaters for outdoors and HEPA filters for indoors.


A very convenient and cheap way to digitize the letter is to stick QR codes on the table so that each customer with the mobile can scan it and see it. You can link to a business whatsapp with the photo of the menu, to your website to show it more elaborate, being able to explain the dishes, add images in each of them, as well as food information.

Likewise, blackboards will be installed to write menus and offers of the day. You can promote them through easyPick, making it possible for anyone to see your menu, and not just those people who pass your store. In addition, the app is free, not negatively affecting the margins of your restaurant.

If we analyze the new situation and adapt to it, we will emerge stronger. Are you ready for this?

We are going to help you, accompanying you every week on this blog so that you come out of this situation strengthened.

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