restaurants with daily menu in barceloneta

5 restaurants with menu of the day in Barceloneta

In many of the restaurants in Barcelona there is a great advantage if you go to eat lunch from Monday to Friday. Many establishments have a menu of the day or a lunch menu, so that you can taste delicious, complete dishes at a more competitive price than the rest of the à la carte dishes. After presenting the list of the best restaurants in EixampleToday we share our selection of restaurants with a menu of the day in Barceloneta.

La Barceloneta is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Barcelona. It is a seaside neighborhood that has a triangular shape and includes the beaches of Barceloneta, Somorrostro, Sant Sebastià and Sant Miquel. Being so close to the sea, its gastronomic offer consists mostly of dishes of different types of seafood, seafood rice and a lot of fried fish.

At easyPick, we have toured this neighborhood to recommend five restaurants with a set menu. Enjoy the value for money and gastronomy of a neighborhood located next to the sea and with a wide culinary offer.

Salamanca, Mediterranean gastronomy in front of the Mediterranean

Carrer de Pepe Rubianes, 34.

The Salamanca Restaurant is one of the most emblematic places, with a wide offer of Mediterranean cuisine and a menu of the day in Barceloneta. This establishment has more than 40 years of service in the neighborhood and it is common to see celebrities from the world of cinema, sports and music tasting the paellas, sausages and other exquisite dishes offered by this restaurant. The menu of the day costs € 15, although if you visit this place in groups, there is also a wide range of diverse menus from the seven guests.

Salamanca restaurant with daily menu in Barceloneta
The Salamanca Restaurant is one of the best known in Barceloneta

Rías Do-Miño, Galician menu of the day in Barceloneta

Carrer Almirall Cervera, 39.

Are you looking for a Galician menu of the day in Barceloneta? By 19.95 € You can delight yourself with specialties such as octopus a feira, pork shoulder with turnip greens, padrón peppers and Galician empanada at the Rías do Miño restaurant. To accompany these dishes you can taste wines with DO Ribeiro, Albariño and homemade pomace. In turn, the menu is completed with dishes such as seafood paella and black rice. You should also know that the lunch menu in this space is also valid for dinner and for weekends.

Rias Do Miño Galician restaurant in Barceloneta
As if it were a requirement, this Galician restaurant also serves the popular typical seafood paella among the restaurants in the neighborhood

Can Ramonet, more than 60 years in the Barceloneta neighborhood

Maquinista Street, 17.

El Can Ramonet is one of those "lifelong" restaurants in the neighborhood. This space has evolved from its origin, like a small winery in the XNUMXth century, to the restaurant that it is today, located on one of the busiest streets in the neighborhood for those who head to the beach. By 18 € You can enjoy a menu where tradition and modernity go hand in hand with particular flavors of home cooking. Here you can eat the fried fish of the day, chicken rolls, cachopo from Asturias and other typical dishes of Spanish gastronomy that make up the menu of the day from its origin in Spain. In turn, during the winter, the restaurant includes calçots as a starter on their lunch menu.

Can Ramonet restaurant in Barceloneta
The menu of the day is very complete in Can Ramonet and costs 18 euros.

La Mar Salada, eat at home

Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 58-59.

La Mar Salada has become one of the most famous seafood and rice restaurants in Barceloneta. This is due to its quality and its strategic location on one of the busiest avenues in the neighborhood. By 20€ You can enjoy a lunch menu made with seafood such as squid rice, rice "al senyoret", monkfish and mackerel carpaccio.

fish soup in La mar salty restaurants with daily menus in barceloneta
This is what fish and seafood soup looks like at La Mar Salada restaurant.

L'Ostia, the place that is still the host 

Plaça de la Barceloneta, 1.

The L'Ostia restaurant stands out from the offers aimed at tourists visiting the neighborhood. They offer different menus from € 30. In this space you will be able to taste typical dishes such as the Barceloneta pump, fried potatoes and croquettes. In turn, it has a terrace, ideal for having a beer at any time of the year.

l'Ostia daily menus in Barceloneta
You can try the traditional Barceloneta Bomba at the L'Ostia restaurant.

Can Ganassa, traditional Catalan cuisine

Plaça de la Barceloneta, 6.

Located opposite L'Ostia in the Barceloneta square, in this space you can enjoy traditional Catalan gastronomy. By 25€ You can eat a menu of the day where dishes such as seafood paella, scallops with sofrito, fried fish of the day, wine, coffee and dessert, the traditional Catalan cream, stand out. In turn, if your idea is to go for tapas, this restaurant also offers possibilities with tapas made with traditional market products that vary depending on the season.

can ganassa in the barceloneta square
Can Ganassa is located in the Plaza de la Barceloneta, next to the Sant Miquel church

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