How to get out of this crisis if you have a restaurant or bar?

COVID 19 is doing a lot of damage to our hospitality sector and, although it seems that we are recovering normality, it is clear that it will be necessary to adapt to new circumstances. It is, therefore, vitally important to have adequate information and organization.

easyPick offers you a series of ideas to get out of this crisis, taking into account all the particular situations that may affect your business

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Tips for reopening

Motivate your team and your clients

It is essential to motivate your team to get out of this together, and to open the “D” day with enthusiasm. Let's take advantage of the situation to improve every aspect of the business

Do not neglect the link with your customers, try to be in contact in some way.

Prepaid vouchers

If your store is still closed, the first thing we will recommend is to launch prepaid vouchers.

Platforms like “Save the Bares” (www.savethebares.com) offer the possibility of exchanging prepaid bonds with your clients, with which, on the one hand, the store receives liquidity, and on the other, the client can use the bond when the situation allows it with a small discount.

We leave you a guide on how it works aqu.

There you can also find out everything you need to prepare for the reopening of the premises.

Home delivery or take away

As much as the situation improves something has changed in society, so home delivery or takeaway is going to be of vital importance and is here to stay.

¿What are my options to be able to deliver at home or to collect?

There are large home delivery platforms that charge between 30% and 40% commission for shipping, among other costs, such as activation fee, maintenance, etc.

This makes the use of these services unfeasible for many, since sometimes they make the product so expensive that it is not profitable. So we recommend use their own means for home delivery.

From easyPick we believe that we can help local commerce, and for this we propose a way of working:

First, give the widest possible dissemination to the news that the local is open, highlighting if it offers home delivery or other additional services.

Second, we recommend announce it on social networks and use easyPick. easyPick It also allows you to share your menus or offers easily on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

It may also be interesting to announce it to the neighborhood by buzoneo, covering the entire area where the home service could arrive, for example.

Taking the phases into account, the establishments will go through a phase at 50% of their capacity. From easyPick we recommend use surplus local staff to mail and prepare orders and deliver at home. Thus the cost for delivery is minimal and it may not be necessary to lay off staff.

It is important to note that there are foods that travel better than others, and that the packaging must be of sufficient quality so that it arrives in good condition.

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