Roger Waters in Barcelona

This Friday 13.500 people could enjoy a show Pink Floyd In all rules.

Roger Waters, for many soul of the old band, he came to Barcelona, ​​at his 74 years, recalling the songs that have marked so many people, with practically the entire album «the dark side of the Moon»And the usual classics of«Animals","Wish you were here" Y "The wall«, And of course, songs from his latest album«Is this the life we ​​really want? »

Images and music cast on stage, as only they can do, before a pavilion delivered, mostly nostalgic, eager to relive their songs from 40 years ago.

A very vindictive concert, for human rights, against the current wars and their motivations, but especially against Trump, to whom he even dedicated the song «Pigs»With phrases from the current president of the United States and a resounding end,«Trump you are a asshole«. Giving way to "Money»With projections by Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin, Berlusconi and Mariano Rajoy.


Two and a half hours of intense audiovisual evening and historical memory, and a full-fledged show. The closest today to what was Pink Floyd today without a doubt.

Below videos of the concert:

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