Support the restaurants and bars in your neighborhood

These are difficult times for everyone, but especially for the catering sector, and the survival of many of them depends on our support.

In a few days they will be forced to open to 50% of their capacity, and surely, after the protection conditions that are imposed, the home delivery or to pick up will be the only way out that they have left.

From easyPick we would like to promote the collaboration of everyone to help local commerce to get ahead of this crisis.

Currently there are many platforms to promote your offers but all require registration, maintenance costs and / or cost per service.

easyPick is a completely free mobile application, without costs or commissions for anyone, with which you can see the offers around you quickly and easily. Furthermore, the restaurant only has to take one photo a day of its menu.

Find out about the menus of the day around you and promotions near you and collaborate to help the subsistence of the locals in your neighborhood. Contribute your grain of sand.

You can download the application from or directly by clicking here!

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Do you have a restaurant? We would like to help you. Write to us by email [email protected] or call us at 606 634 581

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  1. hello if I have a small bar in viladomat we are practically the only ones open in the area so far for the fort if people go the creep is low

    1. Author
      from the article

      Hello, We recommend you download «easyPick - Deals of the day» to announce that you are open and that you deliver at home. If you want we can guide you to upload your place to easyPick (it's completely free)
      a greeting


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