Find the daily specials offered around you!

Discover the daily offers available near you: lunch time menus, dinner menus or special menus for the weekend. You can find sales, happy hours, discounts and much more, confirmed in the app daily.

You can connect with the full range of possibilities that restaurants and establishments in your city publish daily by taking a photo of the board they place in front of their restaurants.


Do you offer daily specials?

Make your online board known as it deserves

easyPick offers you the opportunity to give online visibility to your daily menu and other offers. With this app, you can promote your traditional board with the daily menu that you place every day at the entrance of your restaurant.

You just have to share a photo of your menu in the app to make yourself known among users looking for promotions to eat in the city

The advantages easyPick offers to your business

easyPick is the new app to share the offers and the daily specials that you place on a blackboard at the entrance of your restaurant. Now your promotions will be seen by thousands of users from their mobile and not only by those who pass by.


More clients

By posting your offers, promotions and lunch time menus, you will get digital visibility to attract more guests to your business.

Best service

Better communication with your current customers

A communications tool for you

Do you have an irresistible promotion that you want to make known? easyPick is a communication tool where you can publish your offers more easily, effectively and in just a few steps

How easyPick works for customers

Looking for a restaurant that offers a daily menu to have lunch in your city? easyPick locates where you are and shows you the best deals around you during the day. You can choose between different categories according to what you want at the moment: to eat lunch, to drink some beers, to sleep or to go shopping. Download and discover many places and options to enjoy in your city

You meet a friend and you are looking for a place to eat a daily menu
You open the easyPick app and choose the "food" category
easyPick will display the daily menus around you, which you can choose by moving left or right
You choose a restaurant and easyPick directs you. The app also shows you the contact of the restaurant so you can call and confirm your reservation

How it works for the restaurant

Download the app

Enter your restaurant details to subscribe

Take a photo of your menu, your promotions or offers of the day and upload them to the application. All users who are in the area will see your offer

Download easyPick and start attracting customers now!

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The app to choose easily, quickly and safely