How does it work?

easyPick locates where you are and shows the specials around you. Choose among the categories to view, either to eat, drink, sleep, buy or have fun, and enjoy.

You meet a friend and you look for a place to eat a daily menu
You open the app of easyPick and choose the "food" category
easyPick will show the daily specials around you, which you can choose by swiping left or right
You choose the site and easyPick takes you there, and gives you the phone to confirm

Advantages of easyPick for the establishment

easyPick It is the new tool to share the offers to the entrance of your establishment. Now the bids will see everyone from your mobile, not just the people who pass by. 


More customers

More visibility of your offer to get more customers.

Best service

Better communication with your current customers

New communication Tool

You can easily report what you think is convenient to attract people to your establishment

Do you have a business?

Share your blackboard easily to attrack more customers

If you take your time to write your slate or promotion
At the entrance of your establishment. Why not share it with everyone? We help you.

Become an ambassador

easyPick is actively seeking ambassadors in all regions of Spain and abroad as well.

 Do you want to join the team easyPick ?

Do not hesitate and fill out the form. We will contact you as soon as possible to explain the advantages and conditions


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The app to choose where to eat, drink, sleep, shop or enjoy around you